Hello! I am Gigi, a first year student at Smith College :) Feel free to ask me any questions <3!

Spring finally comes to Smith. Our Paradise Pond is coming back, and it is getting warmer everyday.

Spring semester is slipping away. It is amazing that I will register the classes for my sophomore year next week. I can’t believe that my first year at Smith’s gonna be over in only a month. I will update more this weekend : )

I just posted a photo of the quad, which includes several houses in the other side of the Paradise Pond. Because I live in Tyler, which is somehow far away from the quad area, I don’t visit the quad frequently. Sometimes I go to Comstock or Wilder in the quad for their Asian dinning halls. These two houses have different themed nights during the weekdays. My favorites include Stir Fried Night, Noodle Bowl, Korean Night and Thai Night. (I don’t know why there is not Chinese Night, even though they offer Chinese food) Although the Asian foods are somehow Americanized, they still serve as great comfort for home sick international students like me :))

The Quad of Smith College

Anonymous asked: Hi! I was recently wait listed at smith college (my dream school for 3 years) and don't really know what my next move should be. I got an additional teacher recommendation and am thinking about writing to the admissions office voicing exactly why I'm a good fit for smith. Is there anything else I should/can do? Also-- I will be needing financial aid, are wait listed students still granted financial aid or has it been mostly given to previously accepted students? Thank you!

Hi, thank you for you question : )

Smith does accept students from the wait list! In addition, according to Smith website, “Smith meets the full documented need, as determined by college policy, of all admitted students who apply for aid by the published deadlines.” Thus, I guess no matter you are accepted under which round, if you applied for financial aid and are admitted, you can receive certain amount of financial aid. For more accurate information and statistic, I would recommend you to contact admission office directly : )

I am accepted by Smith in Early Decision round, so I don’t have personal experience about wait list strategy. I would say sending in additional materials and showing your passion for Smith could be a good idea. Feel free to message me if you have other questions. Good luck !! 

Anonymous asked: Hi Gigi, am not too familiar with the American Colleges admission and am pretty anxious about my daughter's admission. Question: If the applicant is successful , will the College send a letter/mail instead of stating status of success on the website.

Hi, thank you for your question :) I would say it depends.

For Smith College, the admission result is available now. Your daughter should have received an email from Smith Admission Office and she could check the result on the website. In addition, Smith will send a letter to students as well :)

On Wednesday, I attended the panel, &#8220;Lean In: Unpacking the New Rhetoric About Women, Work and Leadership&#8221;, during which President McCartney, Dean Mahoney and Professor Barnes talked about the controversial book Lean In. It is one of those workshops organized by Wurtele Center for Work and Life in their &#8220;Passport&#8221; series to help students prepare for life on campus and beyond.  
KASS Snack Box Delivery

Korean American Students of Smith organized a Korean snack box delivery. My friend ordered one for me two weeks ago, and I got it yesterday finally. The snack box included kimbab, kimchi, scallion pancake and fried dumplings! It made my day!!

Chen-Hua Yang (Wu) and Chia-Ling Changon. Ivy Day, 1948
Source: Smith College Archives



Chen-Hua Yang (Wu) and Chia-Ling Changon. Ivy Day, 1948

Source: Smith College Archives


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29 Signs You Go To A Women’s College

You don’t need 29 signs to show that you go to a women’s college. One sign is enough: your college friends are sharing this article in all kinds of social media……

Signs of spring @ Smith