Hi there! I am Gigi, a first year student at Smith College. I am blogging for the Office of Adimission this year. Please feel free to ask me any questions :)

The view from my window!

From President McCartney, via Twitter. Must be that time of year… #smithcollege #mountainday


From President McCartney, via Twitter. Must be that time of year… #smithcollege #mountainday

I was exhausted after moving into my new room…. Happy first day of classes!


Paradise #nofilter #smithcollege


Paradise #nofilter #smithcollege


A Hyperlapse stroll through downtown Northampton.

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Anonymous said: Hey! I was just wondering, what's your major/minor at Smith?

At Smith, students do not need to declare their majors until the end of their sophomore year. Therefore, as a rising sophomore, I have not declared my major yet. I still want to explore more academic fields before making the final decision, but at this moment, I am considering of double major in psychology and economics :))
(omg, I still can not believe that I am no longer a first year but a rising sophomore!)

Anonymous said: hello Gigi. I am Elizabeth from Tanzania. I would like to enroll for smith next year. I will take TOEFL next week. my question is can I get contact to where I should send my results to?
Thanks in advance

Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for you question.
If you are taking Internet-based TOEFL test (iBT), you can enter Smith College together with its code via iBT registration system online. It would be free to send your score to a limited number schools prior to the test, and after taking the test, you can send the score online, by fax or by mail (more detailed instruction:

If you are taking paper based TOEFL (PBT), you can write down Smith College together with its code on the admission paper, bring it to the test center and ask the staff there to send the score. After the test, you can send your score by phone or mail. (more detailed instruction:

The code for Smith College for TOEFL test is 3762, and you can find the codes for different institutions in this page:

The address for Smith College Office of Admission is:
Smith College
Office of Admission
7 College Lane
Northampton, MA 01063

I think these are all info that you need in order to send your score :)) I am an international student as well , so please feel free to contact me again if you have any other questions. Good luck with your TOEFL :)

Anonymous said: As a first year student, not knowing anyone, is it difficult to make friends? Is it hard to find a seat in the dining halls?

Thank you for your question :)) I would say it is not difficult to make friends at Smith. You can meet other awesome first year Smithies during orientation, and you will make lots of friends in your house, clubs and classes. During lunch hour, it is somehow difficult to find a seat in dining halls, so I usually choose to eat in my own room. However, I think seats are always available :))

Anonymous said: What is it like living in Tyler House? What is the house community like? Do they host social events? Is there a heavy drinking/smoking culture?

Tyler House is awesome, and the house community is very supportive :)) We do have social events like any other houses. As a tradition, we will have house parties like winter weekend, spring weekend, senior banquet and so on. Another important tradition is house tea, which is held in Friday or Sunday afternoon depending on different houses. There is not a heavy drinking or smoking culture. Smoking is strongly prohibited in the house. For alcohol, if serving alcohol, ID checkers are required to present at the house parties. 

Anonymous said: Hello:) What are the bathrooms like at Smith? Are they private? How are they set up?

Most of the houses have communal bathrooms. For example, there are three toilet stalls and four shower stalls in third floor of Tyler House. For more information, you can check out this floor plan image as an example :)) (